About CivicPanel

CivicPanel is a university-based, nonprofit project that aims to tap the potential of the Internet as a tool for academic and applied research on what citizens think about important issues relating to government and public affairs.

The project conducts studies on a range of topics, including the quality of local public services, education, health care, policing, transportation, the environment, government performance, volunteering, and the work of nonprofit organizations. Nearly all of the surveys focus on how citizens experience, understand, and make decisions about such public services or institutions. Summary results of the surveys are published on this website, and the data often are used for academic articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

CivicPanel was created by Gregg Van Ryzin, PhD, a professor at the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ (USA). It was started in 2002 as eTownPanel.com, when Prof. Van Ryzin was on the faculty of the School of Public Affairs, Baruch College / CUNY, New York, NY (USA). In 2003, the project received its first grant funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. In 2008, the project moved to Rutgers-Newark and changed its name to CivicPanel.org. It is currently supported by Rutgers University, Newark as part of the Center for Experimental and Behavioral Public Administration.


The CivicPanel Project
School of Public Affairs and Administration
Rutgers University
111 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102